Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Must get up

Oh my goodness... I was sore from the class yesterday and now feel like the tin man.  Had to take the day to catch up with all the yard work (it has been so neglected this year).  Then as the evening was coming on a neighbor-friend said this is the day we get the Fall plants in on the subdivision signs.  I'd gotten plants but we just kept having trouble having free time at the same time.  It was dark before we were wrapping it up.  Hate to say it but there is still the back yard to do.  Guess there is always tomorrow, well another day.  Though it has to get done because there were some bulbs that had to come home with me when I was getting some of the sign plants.  It was funny well maybe funny/sad but after the work all day, lugging the many large buckets of water out to the signs in the end felt impossible.  Still it had to get done, do not want to loose them after all that work .  Wish it ended earlier and there had been time to get to the pool.  Probably would not have wanted to get out though.  Just do some work and then floattttttt.  Somehow need to muster the will to get up, go upstairs, change and climb in bed.  Back to the gym tomorrow morning.  Unless I'm still stuck in this comfy, oversize, rocking chair dreaming of mums, asters and grasses oh my.  


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I hope you get some good sleep.

Aaron Grey said...

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