Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's down deep

Today was an eye opener.  The body is speaking clearly that it wants a shake up!  What I have been doing always gets a good sweat flowing and the muscles feeling used. Tonight it is very different, much more than muscles used.  I can still move (a good thing) but oh the burn, in deep (the best way I can describe it).  Had a feeling there was going to be some pain.  The trial expo class at the gym today was Yogalates.  I'd looked it up online but this was a bit more than what I'd expected.  I'd done yoga (Hatha and flow) and Pilates before though it has been a bit for steady classes.  This instructor was taking no prisoners.  She says you should be heating up about now and I'm thinking I'm in full flop sweats for goodness sake, think the heat is on.  The Pilates parts were also in fast progression.  Remember thinking in the regular Pilates class there was moving around between reformer, floor and other equipment.  This was all on the same mat and boom boom boom, no breather.  At this time I think it is back to the straight Flow class and a semi private Pilates (less down time in semi).  I found the quick foot changes (mostly in the rapid various sun salutations) hard on the foot that had the surgery.  It was better than a few months ago but still very picky on how it is landed on.  The original Flow class I use to do was fluid but not as fast so it maybe easier to get the foot to land without going numb or worse the lightening bolt.  It is a class I am hoping to work up to, both with the foot and fitness ability.  At the end of the class, stupidly I was mad that it had not gone wonderfully and hit the regular floor work hard.  Seemed reasonable at the time.  Thought I was going back to do the pool tonight but just going to do stretches at home.  
One hmmm moment came during the ending of the class.  While in Savasana, corpse pose the instructor said if you are thinking about your to do list or the such picture the thoughts in a bubble and just pop it.  Let it go and clear.  I love bubbles and love the image of putting thoughts in one and they break up with the breaking bubble.  At least while in the pose it worked.  


One other thing this class made me think about is do you have to do this type of sweat and burn to get things really moving (weight loss).  It ties in with another expo class from the other day.  Zumba, that class had me moving (not pretty to see) but it did not get a sweat started or even have the muscles feeling worked.  I do not want to say it was not exercise but it was not one that had me feeling it.  It was something new and very different from anything I'd done before (never been a very girlie dancer).  Felt silly during most of it.  The instructor looked great and owned it.  Just wonder if it would really get the pounds dropping after what I'd been doing.  In the end the all mirrored room would never get me to a place of forgetting my style of grace, or lack there of.  Maybe try it again at or closer to goal, when more maintaining.  

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Mama Bear June said...

Wow, that is one of the coolest photos I have EVER seen! What a great metaphor.
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