Thursday, September 3, 2009

*Abby Normal*

Trying to catch up on some blogs I came across Mizfit's post on lowering the average bar?  The first thing that came to my mind was what is the bar marking? Is it size, health or both? Thinking it over (and comments made from it) is it really that people set a bar or that they forget the bar (for a multitude of reasons).  Do we need a bar?  If we are motivated do the best each day and just keep at it as part of life do we need to compare?  Just do it!  Realistically look at your foods, movement and lifestyle not the people around you.  It is your machine you're tuning or riding into the ground.  Even when weight is at goal for a measure of health good quality foods within portion and exercise are what the body and mind needs. (Side note this summer a lot of time has been spent in hospitals and a rehabilitation after surgery home.  This will drive home a desire to stay healthy and strong muscle and endurance as we age! )  

The whole idea of average or normal has been a problem for me.  Over these three years that is what is the biggest longing, super fit the dream.  My normal (average has never been felt, be it to thin, healthy or fat over the years) would be comfortable... to look at naked in the mirror, at a pool oh swimsuits, running those stairs (why stairs?  ;-\  God I hate stair laps!).   There was a time those things just were.  Have to hope to get them back, work to get them back.  This rode is taking it's time just have to keep up the stride, for life.  


POD said...

Surgery is average.
No, are you okay, doing well now?
I don't worry about being average. I am special.

Doesn't everyone want to be special?
(only in our minds)
Hope you are recovering okay and I read your post correctly.

Getting Healthy said...

This time it was not me in the hospital, my mother and my father in-law. Things hit them pretty hard this time around. They are both still working on recovering.
It is funny but as the years go by it is not so much wanting to be special but just happy. Finding the happy inside as opposed to from outside. Maybe I should say holding onto the happy inside when the outside can seemingly effect it.