Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday thoughts

This morning brought several large kick in the pants moments, again.  Maybe the rapid string of them was a blessing.  As they added up I finally got to the point of, that's enough.  Things have to change.  Sadness and frustration gave way to a decision to fix what is broken.  There is more than foods/exercise needing a revision.  It seems to be harder to do.  With that the whole day went up for grabs (but in the end in a good way, DH was feeling it also).  The only sad bit was no gym today, maybe that was good because after upping the weights yesterday I'm really feeling sore.  Tried to get exercise in around here with a hike and some time on the Reformer.   Otherwise it was fitting in things that have been on the back burner for a long time because of other commitments (that were always on call and shifting).  After that DH decided, with the new breeze blowing, it should be date night.  Though we were both laughing in the end that the movie was not a great date night movie choice (District Nine), we were glad we saw it.  It was funny, we were walking out talking about it and another couple were having the same conversation.  The four of us chatted and laughed about it for a nice bit.  
But back to the changes.  The decisions are take back some power, mix up the exercise with some new things and really work on letting go.   Take back the power... this trying to make everyone happy and fit to all their schedules (which are pretty sucky ever changing ones), is not working.  Going to make some personal priorities which others will have to respect and or at least work around.  Mix up the exercise... this week at the wellness center is their expo.  A bunch of free sample classes are offered.  Decided to try several I have not taken and try out a yoga that I'd stopped after the foot surgery (but it might work now at least a free class would not hurt as a trial).  They are also going to be offering a 8 week *lose ten pounds group class*.  I think I'll try it out and loss whatever comes off ;-) (that does not start until a bit later in the month).  Wish there was a bit more info on what this class does but it is free so just go and see.  On the fence about a semi private Pilates class it sounds great but pricey.  Still deciding about that one.  Also going to be getting the P90x dvds.  My son wants them (he has friends doing them) and if they are here it would not hurt to give them a go.  Letting go... this is the hard one!  As the years go by I hate to admit it is getting harder.  That seems to make it all the more important.  Getting so bogged down in crappy feelings is so tiring and not were I want to be.  So why the tendency to keep things bouncing around in my head.  Hoping the return of yoga and a strong effort to just keep releasing as soon as the pangs start work on this.  
Going to see what the scale says tomorrow, there had not been a change as of yesterday but today got back into a size smaller jeans.  


Farmers Wife said...

Hello it seems we have the same follower called Terri, I have lost the link to her blog. Would it be too much to ask if you could send it to me please. She is in your followers as tnj 2009. Thank you so much. Michelle

Getting Healthy said...

I'm really sorry but the link has been ended. Wish I could have helped you out.