Thursday, August 6, 2009

Body fighting back tonight

Not sure what was going on tonight during the gym work out.  During the track bit the sweat started flowing, pretty much from the start and not like usual.  While working the weight machines the amount of weights which is what I have been currently using felt like I'd upped it by a lot.  Third sets were sadly cut shorter.  Still sweating more than usual.  Then on the bike the thighs (mostly the left) were cramping up.  I have never had this before.  As for the sweat this one is harder to tell because I usually sweat a lot here anyway.  Wish there was time to fit in the pool to try and feel better but we were at closing time.  Hope what ever it was passes and things go back to normal tomorrow.  Played hookie this morning and went for a two hour hike instead of the gym or pool.  Just needed to be out and have more of a meditative walking time.  It was beautiful weather, the heat came in later.   

My weight may be moving slowly but my son's having great results, oh to be sixteen (not really for a lot of things).  I am so proud of him, he set goals for the summer and really stuck to them.  Today before the gym we went to the sporting goods store, he had a list.  Besides the air soft pelts, soccer ball and golf Frisbee he needed some new cloths.  He has dropped three sizes.  It was the first time he was smiles and happy where he was.  He actually picked out shirts that are not black.  It was so good to see him feeling good about himself and not questioning if he was going to make it by the start of school.  We will still need to get the replacement pants but he is hoping to get more off.    He is my gym buddy and get in shape hero this summer.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we just have those days were are bodies just tell us NO! I like to think of it as a way for your body to tell you it needs a breather.

You should be very proud of your son. Sounds like he's kicking butt!