Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And the was much rejoicing, well some

Had a different post in the works but today at the gym the scale finally dipped into the seemingly elusive 220s (hear the choir of angels). Last September was the last time those numbers came on the digital screen.  Almost a year of bouncing around the thirties and forties, irrational but when the scale stuck at 230 last week it felt like a sign.  Not a good one either!  If this two twenties sticks around (and I'm open to it still working down) for Sunday weigh in then the 50 pounds lost badge can come back.  Silly as it maybe, this makes it feel like something is really moving again not just fluctuating.  Fingers crossed (little voice inside rapidly repeating oh please oh please oh please), okay that sounds way to desperate.  

I have been asked to join a weight loss team at the gym that starts in September.  There is a contest that would run until the end of December.  Panic hit fast and hard!  Real thoughts of NO it is just going to disappoint everyone.  They would want good losses.  One guy says, the way you work out just watch what you eat and it is sure to move.   He has not read this blog has he.  I have really felt the answer was going to be a, thank you, you're really nice but well I suck at this.  I'll be cheering you all on though.  Starting to rethink it, there is still a little time.  It would be nice to join in, just do not want the thinking halfway through, can we vote her off or who's idea was it.  

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POD said...

Ah, yes, the elusive 220s.
Are you going to join the weight loss team? Were you offended that they thought you should join?