Monday, July 13, 2009


Lots going on this weekend.  Planned and more unplanned.  
Hoping to get back to this.
B banana, ice tea
L broccoli, 3 slices pork tenderloin, ice tea
D veggie salad with grilled chicken breast, ice tea
track 30 min.
weight machines
bosu work for abs
stationary bike 30 min.

B - banana and cherries, ice tea
L - sm. salad, hamburger, ice tea
D - asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower, beef strips in an onion tomato sauce, ice tea
pool 60 min.

It isn't the things that are happening to us that cause us to suffer, it's what we say to ourselves about the things that are happening.   ~Pema Chodron Source: Talking to Ourselves

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