Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HYC Tuesday CI

From the pool today...
It's time to start living the life you've imagined."  Henry James
Saw the message board today and was glad to see a new quote.  At first just thought, that is nice but it did not seem to spark much new.  Jumped in and OH the water was cold today.  As the workout brought my brain around to being fully awake you've imagined kept nagging sharper and sharper.  A thought came around, that imagining had sort of stopped.  Just walking through and getting things done had taken root.  Settled? Stuck?  Asleep at the wheel?  In years past there were lots of dreams and thoughts of who, when, how, what... no not that maybe this.  Recently several sharp nagging pokes on this theme have tried to be felt, just mindlessly swatted away them like mosquitoes.  Maybe it is time to listen before sharper ones are sent.  
What a day for a lifedream..

B banana, ice tea
L salad with turkey breast shavings, ice tea
D broccoli and carrots, halibut, ice tea
pool 60 min.
track 30 min.
free weights
stationary bike 30 min.

HYC check in
Still on the two pound roll off this week. I'll take it :-).
(The sixteen year old is kicking my a** at this, he is shaping up amazingly.  He is down another size.)

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Patty said...


You ar really working hard at this! Love your thoughts on "imagining". Thanks for visiting my blog!