Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bye to the beeping monitors

Photobucket Glad to say GOODBYE to these rooms today and in no hurry to visit again any time soon.  Have to add all the people that worked at both hospitals were great in every possible way.  They do amazing jobs.  Both my father in law and mother have been in different hospitals for a bit more than a week.  They both have on going issues but are glad to be moving on.  Father in law is moving to a nursing home which has a wing for patients which still need extra help for a bit and my mother is home but has special care needs.  
The time in the hospitals has been an extra eye opener to how we can do a number on our bodies.  Both parents had several room mates with various health situations during their stay.  Hearing their stories and how each doctor handles their situations brought many thoughts around.   The most, hit at home, was a rock solid commitment to sticking to a healthy lifestyle.  Being on the brink of several things it would be crazy to try and kid myself to sneak around them.  Knowing I have followed in my mother's foot steps for a lot of my health/body history highlights it even more.  A lot of what she is going through could be in store for me if I'm not careful.  I do not understand how a few of the room mates just wanted to get fixed (medicine, procedure and/or not to be bothered anymore) and go back to things as usual.  It just seems like what brought them in should make an impression for at least a little time.  One woman wanted diet pop and potato chips, for breakfast (plus she was missing her cigarettes).  How long do they think they can abuse their bodies and get away with it, whether it is food, smoking, susbtances, exercise or high stress.  Even if they can kid themselves about being there looking around at some of the situations on the floor can make you stop and think.  
Which leads into time in the cafeteria, a disappointing time.  I was surprised to see a pretty poor set of choices in it.  Even more, seeing out of the choices what was on most plates (even with the health care workers).  Why would a hospital cafeteria have so few healthy foods?  Creating more business?  There are signs up in numerous places for classes or speakers on weight loss, diabetes and heart disease but go eat fried, sauced or cheesed platefuls.  One of the two hospitals had a few more choices, though not many.  
As for the Tuesday HYC, managed a pound loss this past week.  
Hoping to kick it up some this coming week.
Posted to fast. My father in law has gone back into the hospital.  


Patty said...

It will never cease to amaze me that hospitals offer such poor choices in their cafeterias. I am glad your time at the hospital is over for now. And i hope that your mother and father-in-law are recovering.

Congrats on the loss, under such trying circumstances!

tisha said...

Good job on the loss...so sorry about your father-in-law back in the hospital. Hope he's on the mend soon.