Monday, July 6, 2009

Good ~ Bye Monday

"Love is sustained by action, 
a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day."  ~N. Sparks
This quote on the pool message board did not seem to *fit* at first.  Then while working the lapse I thought, "What if the Love was for myself?".   Have not been feeling that lately though trying to fake it until it became real.  The bit about pattern of devotion seemed to stick out (and give a sharp poke).  It cannot just be lip service, to work.  Somehow need to get more behind it.

B none
S none
L peppers, ww orzo w/meat sauce, ice tea
S 3 cubes of cheddar cheese, ice tea
D none
S banana, ice tea
pool 90 min.
yoga sequences off the internet (tv dead, may it rest in peace,  so no dvd, and NEEDED to center)


Miz said...

that quote exemplifies my marriage.

Ive never seen it before (the quote. Ive seen my marriage :))

Getting Healthy said...

So true about the marriage (also family). I had not seen it before either. Debbie (the quote master on the pool board is pretty good at coming up with good ones).