Friday, July 3, 2009

Family Fun Friday


B banana, ice tea
S none
L (not such a healthy choice, china buffet) a little broccoli chicken, a little pepper steak, 2 small pot stickers, seasoned green beans, a little cantaloupe, ice tea
S none
D pico de gallo, 2 chicken taco, ice tea
S bowl of berries, ice tea
track 30 min.
weight machines 3 sets of reps
stationary bike 30 min.

Family get together day. Back to eating at home tomorrow. It was beautiful weather and nice to have the family (my husband's) all in one place at once (not easy to do). It was a lot of sitting, so glad we got into the gym early to get some work in.

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*Fitcetera* said...

Hi Rhea!
I see you're on the "once again" plan as well. Me too. At least we keep at it!
I absolutely love your Big Goal of adding in a ~continuous~ pattern of positive mindful thoughts.
love the new header ( I just got back to blogging again so I missed its premiere)
And I love the pic and caption today. It's what I'm striving for as well.
Here's to a successful third year on your plan!
our stats are so similar.